The project of urban scenography originated from a proposal of some members of Seum/ European School of Crafts ( as well as of some professionals (architects, visual designers and restoration experts) by virtue of the experience gained over the years in their respective fields. Its first draft was called "the visible city" and had as its goal the enhancement of the urban space through a series of projects and actions in order to turn it into an engine for economic development. It faced  many problems in relation to the image of a city and the functions associated with its life: from the analysis of the urban landscape and the systems that are part of it to the rules of coexistence, habits and behaviors of citizens that inhabit it.

The actions to be carried out or areas of intervention concerned different fields:


- Public lighting

- Place name stones

- Road signs

- Wayfinding signs

- Identification signs

- Advertising signs

- Road pavements

- Waste collection

- Urban setting

- System of facades

- Public green areas

- City walls and access

- Mobility

- Rules and sharing with citizens

- Management and maintenance

- Awareness campaign for citizens

- Brand and promotion of  the city


This study of urban space for the city of Arezzo with  its project and intervention proposals, was presented to the municipal administration on behalf of  Seum.  The municipal administration accepted some of the proposals and made them compete  with others which were part of the PIUSS /Integrated Plan for Sustainable Urban Development.

This new  version of the project,  named  Urban Scenography,  meant to focus  mainly on  fixed or system components that contribute to the urban landscape  together with  streets, monuments,  buildings.

The project  was considered the most interesting one amongts all the those that were presented because it included the entire town center in an integrated and sustainable way.  By cross-operating on multiple systems with holistic methods and multi-disciplinary skills,  the project was then carried forward in close contact with the company in charge of the  works and municipal administration technicians through continuos training and consulting.


Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana
Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana - Piero della Francesca

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