Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana - identification system

The panels are both floor and wall posts and show the logo of the City of Arezzo inside a red band, so as to maintain the image in coordination  with the other systems. Floor panels contain a map with the exact position of the panel with respect to the plan of the city. The same map  is also plotted in the wayfinding system with the already mentioned  logic of developing the mental maps of visitors and tourists as quickly as possible.  The more those  develop, the more they will be encouraged to move around the city according to their itineraries.



Placement reduction: from 145 to 65

Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana - identification system




Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana - identification system

All panels are numbered and bear aside the name of the building ,  the road or the place.  The information is in two languages - English and Italian - and in many cases there are illustrations, charts and maps of the area in question.   In the case of roads with important buildings along the axis, a diagram map has also been introduced. In the case of sites referring to famous people’s bronze busts already present in the previous system have been recovered and  integrated into the new panel. The use of different visual representations has allowed us to make much more informative panels, stimulate the visitor to a more detailed and comprehensive reading and, at the same time, ensure adequate clearance around.




Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana - identification system

Information must be accessible to the majority of people, children, elderly, disabled.  Therefore the most important pieces of information and the majority of them will be located at  a height range of 900- 1850 mm




Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana - identification system

1. the font used for lettering is Vista Sans which offers an excellent readability for smaller traits and therefore is suitable for a close reading.  Univers Bold Condensed was also used for titles due to its excellent readability and reduced volume.

2. each communicative element shows the emblem and caption of Arezzo’s municipality in order to spread authority and prestige.



Place identity and visual identity

Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana - wayfinding system

Arezzo’s colours in PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA’s and GIOTTO’s paintings

Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana - wayfinding system

The banner of the city of Arezzo,  the highest expression of identity and representation of the city. Corporate image of the municipality of Arezzo, representation of the mark  in color.

Colour, contrast and clarity

1)information, rather than other elements of urban scenography,  should be clear and visible because they are in fact in competition with all the other signs: advertising,  shop signs, road signs etc. A contrast is necessary between the background and the signal, as it is the case  all over the world.

2)  since the communicator is the institution, the administrative power of the city must prevail over the rest in terms of visibility and recognition, hence the need for a coordinated image which refers to the institutional colors: easily recognizable and part of the collective imagery of the city.

3) A city that communicates needs  to do so in an influential and recognizable way; a coordinated and coherent approach is the key to building a brand image of the town.


As for the wayfinding system, colours have been chosen following certain selection standards


- historical colours of the city

- colours which refer to the current city emblem

- contrast colours

In matching architectural surfaces tests the most common base color selected is detached from its background and does not blur with the façade.  This is  crucial in the signage, because the first step is the identification i.e. the isolation of the signal from its background.  This applies to all international signs. But the same concept also applies from the point of view of the architectural context: if the information is neutral and evident with respect to the façade, it will distinguish from the object that is interposed. This avoids the ambiguous effect of communicating a product similar to the style of the façade that could be considered as a complement of the facade or even contextualized with it.




as Urban redevelopment

Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana - identification system

The redevelopment intervention has been carried forward through the issue of adoption by us and by some citizens who voluntarily participated in the recovery  of this building and this area in collaboration with the municipal administration. The project consists in a new arrangement for the interior spaces, the transfer of the ATM machine from one side to another, the dismantling of previous sign – bulky and expensive in terms of energy consumption - internal  whitening and external restoration of the toilets, the realization of a platform roof and external paving.   In addition to this we took care of the removal of partially destroyed and abandoned motorcycles and bicycles and of the removal of totems.  The first coverage intervention with a new asphalt was also made.

The recovery of the original architecture of the years 50/60 (it used to be a garage with a gas pump) was obtained by redoing the painting in orde to bring out the shape with more pronounced colours, inspired by the historical ones and by eliminating the hanging sign and replacing it with the tourist office caption whose lettering recalls that period. The letters are cut out of metal and are attached directly to the wall with a small ledge, lined with two small illuminated signs.  This way the lighting system has been conceived to save energy while focusing into the symbolism: City emblem and information point.  The halo effect due to the edges of the white color insignia,  is used to distinguish the signal from the background and at the same time it illuminates the metal notice at nighttime.

Finally, the back yard was secured with a safety fence to use as a protected parking for bikes for cyclists  who come to town.


Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana


Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana - identification system





Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana - identification system

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