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Information panels

The identification system is put into effect with information panels placed in front of historic buildings and in precious architectural contexts with the aim of providing a satisfactory amount of information without interfering significantly with the  surrounding landscape. This has led the way to some principles which identify the type of project development:


1) Reduction of the total number of panels by eliminating redundancies, overlaps and repetitions.


2) Reduction of panels’ size.  In order to do so,  descriptive artifacts have been reduced to its  minimum.   Descriptions have been limited to necessary baseline information and all elements that would make it cumbersome such as stands, frames and  decorations  have been eliminated so that the information can coincide as much as possible with the artifact itself.


3) The form and the representation of information must be neutral with respect to the building to which it refers. In fact, if the information is neutral and evident it will distinguish  perfectly.  Often, period pieces and decorative shapes inspired by surrounding historic places where placed with the feeling that they had been there from the beginning. Instead, you must avoid the ambiguous effect of communicating a product similar to the style of the façade that could be understood as a complement of the facade or even contextualized with it.


4) Recovery of the most significant information from the panels and recovery of famous people of the city’s busts which were part of  “Arretium” route.


Tourist office: a redevelopment project

The theme of the promotion through the enhancement of the historic district and the discovery of the identity of place as a distinctive and original  feature, led us to analyze the theme of reception with regard to the main tourist office located near the railway station, neglected and abandoned as well as all the adjacent area. Hence the need for a redevelopment of this building and the adjacent area through a process of “adoption” in which we were engaged on a voluntary basis both for the project  and for its implementation in collaboration with other volunteers.



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