Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana

The project’s philosophy includes the place-name stones enhancement, the recovery of their design and original colour, the study of a proper lettering. We split the historical city walls in two parts:  the most ancient section, in the north side of Via Garibaldi where the bardiglio stones prevail and the 19th-20th century part, in the south side of Via Garibaldi. In the first section of town,  a bardiglio frame is planned for all those stones that need repairing or integration whereas in the second section of town all stones that need remake will not use bardiglio frames. The project includes 5 types of intervention, according to the stone’s typology and its maintenance status.

- proper cleaning of marble from the black crust due to pollution

- substitution of broken or irrecoverable  stones

- elimination of all artifices impeding their view

- integration of all stones with bardiglio frames to apply in- site wherever possible (for all stones in the north side of Via Garibaldi except for the historical ones)

- proposal for a  substitution of black ink in lettering with reddish purple (which was also found in some stones in Via del Capitano Ardelli, Via del Saracino and Piazza Grande)

- study and redefinition of a new lettering stemming from more ancient stones (those with bardiglio frames)




Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana - place-name stones

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