Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana



The workshop for the construction of the fresco is structured like a Renaissance workshop.  It is  an ongoing process through which experience, care and taste, the sensitivity and beauty, the experience of Arts and Crafts and apprenticeship all blend in. The  Renaissance model is based on its ability to integrate learning by focusing on team work, territorial quality and artistic talent.  Internal relations are based on the concept of Compagnonnage, from the Latin word “cum panem”,  the one with whom you share the bread,  that is the one with whom you share work,  professional skills and moral values.  These are signs of attachment to the profession,  commitment to the quality of work,  transmission of knowledge to new generations.  Innovations in technical knowledge,  moral rectitude  and mutual solidarity.


Crafts should not be confused with  jobs or roles.  Trades cannot be explained with words or with a definition;  they are told through a story within a space. Crafts  are  also culture and heritage,  they shape the individual to such an extent that we can say “a craft  is what remains when you loose your job .” A craft is a bearer of values. Profession is important but it is not the purpose of the training. When the Compagnons du Devoir describe their work they  say “our action is to allow man to be completed in and with his job” ( Andrè Malicot ).  The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page (Saint Augustine) . The idea of ​​travel is a key element of the training and craft learning process, with three points of view: where we come from, where we are, where we are going to be.  The journey is first and foremost a path leading to the abandonment of traditional landmarks and certainties. It  is  also a way to learn and improve manhood  in contact with new geographical sizes and human resources. Finally, it is sometimes an opportunity for the exploration of  our  inner self.  A good and satisfying job becomes not only a mean of social emancipation but a life plan and a personal enrichment . In the Workshop, any possibility of improving the satisfaction of  external  parties (customers, community) is considered unrealistic if  internal members ( teacher and co-workers ) are not satisfied. Only the satisfaction of both the teacher and co-workers can create inner harmony that spreads outwards and from which everyone can benefit.


Urban Scenography - Scenografia Urbana - urban fresco

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